Range Rules

  1. Range and facilities are open to the general public.
  2. Obey all range commands.
  3. All shooters must wear eye and ear protection
  4. Shooters are personally responsible for damage to the property of others
  5. Firearms are to be loaded or unloaded only when shooter is on the firing line
  6. Firearms must be pointed down range at all times.
  7. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  8. Shooters not on the firing line must keep their firearms cased or holstered at all times
  9. No shooters allowed beyond the firing line
  10. All firing must be done from designated lane.
  11. Shooters are to never leave loaded guns unattended
  12. Food, beverages, and smoking are prohibited in range area.
  13. No alcohol or drugs on the premises including prescription drugs.
  14. Paper targets only to be used on range
  15. Shooters must use only approved firearms and ammunition while at the range
  16. Management reserves the right to refuse shooting privileges to anyone whose behavior or disregard for safety might present a hazard to others.
  17. Shooters must be 2l years old or accompanied by parent or guardian